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Amazing playground in the DUBAÏ SKY !!!

10 days in Dubaï, 10 days of action. Everything there is big and extreme!

Martin Schricke and François Ragolski accepted with pleasure the invitation of Nasser Al Neyadi boss of the famous SkydiveDubaï. They did some show-flight by night, they share skills and piloting techniques with locals pilots and make some amazing flights between some of the highest bulding in the world.

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a promised land for athletes of all the world in research of innovation and big possibilities.

It is also a land suitable for novices who can discover or learn many disciplines.

“We have glimpsed the possibilities and we are super motivate to go again for more…”

Accompanied by the team SkyHub Paramotors, they bring back unusual photos (slide-show above) …

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