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Who I am

Born in 1987, I've been rise outdoor between ski and high mountains.

Since 2004 I’m working 3 or 4 month per year as ski and paragliding instructor and the rest of the year as pro rider.

As instructor I organize paragliding camp ( around the world and ski coaching in the french alps.

As pro-athlete, I work for my partners on advertising picture, movies and consulting. I’m also in the French team and compete on every important competition and event.

In 2016 I was happy and proud to became World Champion.


Every year I spend around 5 months traveling the world. Expedition, competition, pictures and movies projects, training, coaching and practicing my passion.

Always motivate by new challenge, I never really now what my next adventure will be, but it as always pleased me and my partners.


Let's keep the dream life ON...

I've created Glide Paragliding. We are providing very special paragliding camps for all levels. You can get all the infos on



Name: Ragolski

Surname: François

Birth: 11 jully 1987

Home town: Digne-les-bains

Size: 1m85

Altitude world record with 8225m high in Pakistan in 2021.

Results in competition: World Champion 2016 and 3 times World-cup winner.

Paragliding club:  Bleone’Ailes

Job: Athlete and coach in ski, paragliding, speed riding and paramotor

Glider: AirG’Products for Acro and Skywalk for any other kind of flight

Acro Harness : F*ck Gravity (Dudek)

Sunglasses: Julbo

Gloves: Racer-1927

Language: French, English, Spanish

Hobby’s : traveling, kite surfing, climbing, cycling, shooting pictures and movies,

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