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Who I am

Born in 1987, I've been rise outdoor between ski and high mountains.

Since 2004 I’m working 3 or 4 month per year as ski and paragliding instructor and the rest of the year as pro rider.

As instructor I organize paragliding camp around the world and ski coaching in the french alps.

As pro-athlete, I work for my partners on advertising picture, movies and consulting. I’m also in the French team and compete on every important competition and event.

In 2016 I was happy and proud to became World Champion.


Every year I spend around 5 months traveling the world. Expedition, competition, pictures and movies projects, training, coaching and practicing my passion.

Always motivate by new challenge, I never really now what my next adventure will be, but it as always pleased me and my partners.


Let's keep the dream life ON...


Name: Ragolski

Surname: François

Birth: 11 jully 1987

Home town: Digne les bains

Size: 1m85

Results in competition: World Champion 2016 and 3 times World-cup winner.

Paragliding club:  Bleone’Ailes

Job: Athlete and coach in ski, paragliding, speed riding and paramotor

Glider: AirG’Products for Acro and Skywalk for any other kind of flight

Acro Harness : F*ck Gravity (Dudek)

Language: French, English, Spanish

Hobby’s : traveling, climbing, cycling, shooting pictures and movies,

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