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Pakistan 2021 - ultimate multi-project expedition

After 8 years, François will be back in the Karakorum mountain of Pakistan. Together with 6 of he’s good friends, their going for run for 5 distinct projects in the highest playground of our world!

Antoine Girard, Guillaume Omont, Julien Dusserre, Alexandre Jofresa (Jojo), Sebastien Brugalla and Fabian Buhl will be François teammate during 2 month of adventure.

Expedition presentation :

It’s 7 athletes and 5 different projects. All happening at the same time at the same place,

in North Pakistan.

For each ”project” they will go by paragliding

Nothing is given at those altitude. North Pakistan mountains are huge and to move on those mountains is demanding lot of effort and time, either you like to go skiing climbing or just enjoying the view. They will skip the long and painful approach by flying and landing just where the serious business begins. What usually takes weeks and many porters and support will be down in few hours by paragliding.

The FIVE projects:

• Ski at a very high altitude on the maximum of summits possible

• Break the paragliding altitude world record over the K2 summit area

• Rock climb the Lady Finger, 800m rock needle at 6000m

• Alpinism – attempts 10 summit above 6000m and 1 to 3 above 7000

• Bivouac flight and distance record attempts

They start their trip soon… Let’s rock!


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