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I’ve DREAMED about CROSSING all at once!

Himalayan Range in India and Nepal, Karakorum range in Pakistan, Pamir range in Tajikistan... 2500km of solo bivouac flight. I’m now heading to change this dream in reality. After the dream I’ve started to plan it and now I’ve my visa, my equipment and plane ticket ready!

My route (as much as possible by Hike and Fly) will follow most of the biggest mountains of our planet. It’s the most challenging project of my life. The list of potential trouble is quite long but the list of solutions is super hopeful. It will be some very good and very bad time followed by even best time (I hope). This permanent “up and down” emotional is what I like most in adventures. I will film the whole project myself (NOT followed by helicopter and film crew like some “amazing” adventurer…). The goal is to bring back very authentic footage from my meetings with the humans and the nature among the way including of course the flying experience.

As usual I’ll start without certitudes and I’ll enjoy the journey.

I hope it will make you dream with me…

Start in September…

For the adventure I’ve select the best equipment on the market and I’m really happy about my choices: X-Alps 5 from skywalk is the most playful and performant X-Alps Glider I’ve ever flew much better than all the previous version, Range X-Alps harness, Racer Gloves Stoots concept head light and Syride GPS.

Thanks to them for making a simple dream a dream with equipment…


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