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THE START of "Crossing dreams" - hystory and plan...

The first thought was to cross Tajikistan by hike and fly (Paragliding). I realized with good flying condition it could be quick. Too quick to set up a big adventure. I was already frustrated in the past by setting up big adventures and to finish them in 5 days only. So, let make it “unfinishable”, or almost.

I add Pakistan because it’s just next country and so what about India and Népal… BIM 2500km completely outside of my world physically, spiritually and technically (I’m an Acro pilot).

Few years ago, I’ve really enjoyed to follow Jean Yves Frederiksen (Blutch) on his Himalaya cross adventure and I was dreaming to go for it myself. I am now.

The two last bivouac flight I’ve done my partners get twice hurt during the journey. This time I’ve no pressure for other I go fully solo.

So 2500km solo paragliding across the world biggest mountain ranges!

That’s how the idea come from. Unfortunately, I could not train physically due to sciatica pain in the lower back and legs. So, it has been hard to get motivate to be ready. But still, everything outside my body is now setup, equipment, plane ticket, live streaming on the map for you, visa, contact…

Honestly, my chance of complete this adventure seems extremely low. I had lot of difficulty to decide between “should I stay” or “should I go”. But I prefer to be in pain in the mountain with a beautiful view… For sure it's less painfull when it's beautifull.

To complete my Crossing Dreams I really need to land every time on the top where I can sleep in my tent and take off at the same place on the next day without walking. Maybe I’ll give up very soon or maybe my body will follow my mind and get stronger with the time.

Let’s Rock!!!

I’m taking the plane 4th of September in 23h from now! I've canceled last minute the live tracking for "political" reason. But anyway I will keep you updated as much as possible and I will try to share with you all my adventure.

I’m very well equipped. I’ve the X-Alps 5 from skywalk is the most playful and performant X-Alps Glider I’ve ever flew (even much better than all the previous version), Range X-Alps harness, Racer Gloves, Stoots concept head light and Syride GPS. I’m also very happy to start a new partnership with Julbo

Thanks, you all


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