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World first « Molinetis Misty to misty”

Amazing performance, one more for the “Face to Face” team made of François Ragolski and Raul Rodriguez. In 2014 they've won together the general synchro world cup and 8 years after they just need to fly few hours together to invent a new incredible triks!!! They manage to pass one above the other while performing misty flip one at each time. The Molinetis Misty to Misty is born the 20 June 2022 in Organya Spain. It’s also a potential start for lot of future other paragliding synchro combination…

“Clearly the coolest acro maneuver I’ve done this year”

As it came out of nowhere, it wasn't properly filmed but if you go on the first page of this web you can see the instagram publication about it... IT'S CRAZY NICE!

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