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World Cup 2022 - Top 10 again !

8th rank for François. The 1st competition of the AWT (Acro world tour) just ended. Théo de Blic won in front of the outsider and new “hope” for the sport Luke De Weert 2nd and the actual World Champion Bicho Carrera is 3rd. The competition took place in Lery Poses in north of France with towing by boat and the altitude was amazing. Pilots got a really good altitude for a very nice event. In the last years the level from the top pilots increase drastically. François wasn’t so rusty and manage again to surprise. Even if the real high level is getting away, he was the only one who scored all the landing with clean 360 landing. In the last years François was training in mountain flight and distance and put Acro aside. In the meantime, a lot of news maneuvers came in the sport but only the 4 first pilots are getting seriously impressive. The average level of the scene didn’t change that’s much and that’s why it was possible to mark for François. Now it’s time for serious training in another field, mountain flight again direction Himalaya…


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