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Acroaria, The “Super Final” of the World Cup

Acroaria was the final of the 2015 World Cup. François Ragolski won the competition, but not the season. So he finished 2nd in the World Cup in 2015 behind Eliot Nochez won for is first time the title in the World Cup before and Horacio Llorens No. 3.

In Synchro, Martin Schricke and François Ragolski make it good. They where partners for shows and videos since many years, in 2015 François and Martin decided to try the World Cups together, they just finishing 2th behind Rafael Goberna (Brazilian) and Hernan Pitocco (Argentina) who achieves a superb first place. The Synchro final will take place in Switzerland in a few days.

See you next week in Switzerland in Vileneuve for the “Sonchaux-Acro-Show”. It’s a invitational “Show-competition” only or the 16 best world are invite. The level of Sonchaux-Acro-Show “often exceeds the World Cup one and the principle of “battle ” (Two pilot in duel at the same time in the sky) makes the event very exciting. You can follow the competition on:

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