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ACRO GAME the ultimate battle

This competition was the most extrem, hardcore, badass, friendly, unreal and much more of all time ! Based on direct eliminatory battle. Some of the battle last for more than 3 hours ! and the level was much higher than in any other competition in the history. One at a time each pilot start with a maneuver. The 2nd pilots have to repeat the tricks. If he mistake the tricks he take one letter. The first pilot who get 4 letter « A-C-R-O » he is eliminate. Most of the pilot flew many tricks that they had never tried before. They also manage to invent new crazy tricks during the event !!! Congratulation to Théo Deblic who win and Horacio Llorens who organaize the event with the support of RedBull and Parapente Organya. François finish 3 despite is knee injury.

It's the only acro event above the ground (no lake) and all went good.

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