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The Himalayan Paragliding Line

500 kilometer of bivi-fly! Loraine Humeau and François Ragolski made a crazy adventure in the midle of the higest mountains on earth. They past true stunning landscape, amazing flying conditions with many hard time and many hapiness. All hiking and flying they didn't touch any asflate from the all trip.

The movie reportage will be out soon Thanks a lot to Antoine Laurens and Debu Sponsor: Husky; Skywalk; Supair; Syride; Slack-mountain and V8-equipment

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The Paragliding Line is a concept of adventure around expedition with flying and traveling. After The Chilean and the Croatian line, “The Himalayan Paragliding Line” is coming for October!!!


A lovely couple is about to embark on an epic adventure: “The Himalayan paragliding line” They'll cover 500 km in their bid to hike and fly across the world biggest range of mountains. Starting from the Dalaï-lama home town (Dharamsala) and following the best line in order to reach the Népal border


The team

François Ragolski Triple world-cup winner and current N°1 in aerobatics world ranking. François, he’s also well known in Chile. He holds the national record with a flight distance of 320km between Antofagasta and Iquique in northern Chile.

Lorraine Humeau Actual N°10 at the aerobatic woman FAI world ranking. She’s also a cross pilot and paragliding instructor. At 17, she starts the famous “Master school of Fond Romeux” who trains the best young paraglider pilots to become champions. She’s also François’s girl friend, photographer and experienced adventurer.



In October 2017 Loraine and François will follow the Himalayan range during a 500 kilometers hike and fly adventure. For the couple it will be the most challenging Hike and Fly they ever tried. Across wild nature, passing through remote area and deep valley making very technical and challenging expedition, 100% in autonomy. Both pilots have experienced the harsh environment of mountain and gathered needed knowledge to make this adventure comes true. The planned time-frame to complete the line is calculated to be less than two weeks, but to ensure high level of organization both athletes will stay the whole month in the area.

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Partners As for all feat, the adventurers need support. If the support is good it will change all the adventure. It’s for this reason that Martin and François will work with Niviuk and Kortel for “The Himalayan Paragliding Line”. Skywalk provide the glider: Spice XS for Loraine and Spice S for François. Supair provide 2 Altirando3 harness. V8 equipment follow with Camel back, gloves and clothing Stoots with the Head light HEKLA Husky, Sleep bag Drape -20 and Tente sawaj ultra 2


Stay tunned You will be able to follow us on Facebook and our website:

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